Monday, 25 July 2016

Chelsea Club

Chelsea Club being introduced (a retro style bicycle) to fulfill the need of vintage bicycles getting back in fashion for London’s Riders. It looks truly classic with its black color, chrome lugs, brown cushioned saddle and cream walled tires. It meets the requirement of modern age with its upgraded wheels and transmission components. With its chrome steel frame it can provide you lifelong pleasure of ride. Let me show you step by step this classic bike feature and description in more explanatory way so that you will know its true value on road when it begin its smooth ride to the cyclist the experience that got was amazing and he enjoyed relaxed journey ahead. Ladies and Gentleman here we present the adorable, dashing and best choice of cyclists in current era the new ChelseaClub classic bike.

Here it comes with lavish black color with beautiful tires and a strong frame holding up with great strength along with comfortable seat and adjustable up to extra ordinary size you want to do with for your ease. Afterwards let see its beautiful and strong frame which hold the whole bike and got the trust of cyclist’s .It has a strong and beautiful frame which makes this bike more reliable for bike lovers. Secondly the most important thing is its 12 speed gear transmission which makes this bike a true journey partner .We believe that  being  bike expert gears  play vital role in long journey where you can set up the bike with your comfort level so that the relaxing factor would be  there .

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